My name is Hakan Özkan. I am a translator, writer, and associate researcher for Arabic literature, Greek dialectology and linguistics at the universities of Münster and Granada. Currently I am working on a monograph on Eastern zajals as part of a larger research project on literatures of the later centuries (11th-18th century) conducted by Thomas Bauer.
This personal website and blog is about everything Middle-Eastern, Turkish and Greek. Obviously, the main focus will be on literatures from the Arab countries, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and Greece. But I will delve into other subjects as well, such as world literature, linguistics, music, photography, culture, IT, politics etc. You are kindly invited to share your thoughts.This site is a multilingual venture. Although the main language is English, you will come across texts in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Persian, and Turkish. Impressum/Disclaimer


Turkish Literature

Modern Turkish Literature – German translation of Sait Faik’s Semaver: Sait Faik Abasiyanik (18 November 1906 – 11 May 1954), one of the greatest Turkish short story writers. His very distinct style brought new life to Turkish short story writing. He vividly portrays the ‘lower’ classes of Turkish society – factory workers, children, the unemployed, […]